The use of light gauge galvanised steel frame construction has become firmly established in the UK as a fast track method of construction to provide the internal skin of your external wall.

Simco EFS design and install their own approved lightweight steel framing system.

The Simco EFS Steel Framing System is ideal for projects where speed of construction and / or the weight of the project are crucial.

The galvanised steel stud requirements are calculated by our engineers on a project specific basis to allow for site wind-loads, structural frame tolerances, facade loadings and structural frame spans utilising bespoke sections where possible to mitigate the use of compound members.

Standard stud sections have 60mm wide flanges ensuring correct edge fixings for sheathing boards and achieving stronger section properties than competitors.

Stocks of standard components are kept on the shelf for urgent requirements and sections can be supplied to any bespoke lengths with the only restriction being transport and manual handling restrictions during installation.