For many years, ROCKPANEL board material has been used in countries across Europe for finishing facades, and for details and features around the roof.

More often, ROCKPANEL products are applied in ventilated constructions, where they contribute to a healthy internal climate for the building, whether that is for a housing development, manufacturing facility, or a public or commercial building.

Because of the unique characteristics of the material, most ROCKPANEL products are vapour-open, which means they can also be applied without ventilation in specific building situations.

ROCKPANEL is also ideal for detailing around the roof of any building. Because ROCKPANEL board material can also be manufactured vapour-closed, they are also ideal within sustainable developments, such as Passive Housing, where zero carbon emissions are paramount.

ROCKPANEL boards offer limitless design possibilities, they are produced from a sustainable natural resource, and their unique properties mean they are durable, workable and very low maintenance.